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WILLIAM SHATNER IS WRITING A BOOK ABOUT LEONARD NIMOY: William Shatner has revealed plans to publish a book about his friendship with his Star Trek co-star, Leonard Nimoy. Leonard: A 50 Year Friendship will be published by St. Martin's Press and is going to hit stores next year. Leonard died on February 27th of this year at the age of 83.

NEW HALF-HOUR 'WALKING DEAD' SPECIAL TO TAKE PLACE ON A PLANE: AMC has ordered a new 30-minute Walking Dead special showing the zombie outbreak on an airline. The events will be documented online in chapters and air during The Walking Dead at a later date. The survivor of the special will also join the cast of the second season of Fear the Walking Dead which was recently renewed for an additional 15 episodes.

VH1 CANCELS 'HINDSIGHT': VH1 has decided to cancel the time travel series Hindsight after one season. The network announced its renewal back in March but has apparently had a change of heart. They said in a statement, "We love Hindsight and couldn't be more proud of the series. But in this overcrowded and rapidly changing climate, we need to carve out VH1's distinct place in the scripted marketplace and deliver the biggest audiences possible for our series. As a result, we're no longer moving forward with a second season of the show."

NBC HIRES NEW SHOWRUNNERS FOR 'CHICAGO MED': NBC has hired Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov as showrunners for the upcoming drama, Chicago Med. The duo previously worked on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, and Amazon's Bosch. They also won two Emmy's and two Golden Globes for their work on Northern Exposure. Andrew and Diane are replacing Andrew Dettmann who left the show last week over "creative differences."

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD JOINS 'GOLD': Bryce Dallas Howard has signed on to co-star in the upcoming mining drama, Gold. The Jurassic World star joins the previously cast Matthew McConaughey, Corey Stoll, and Edgar Ramirez. The movie tells the story of a hustler, played by McConaughey, who teams up with a geologist to look for gold in the Indonesian jungle.


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House of Cards star Robin Wright has called off her engagement to Ben Foster for the second time. Sources confirm to People that the wedding is off once again after giving their relationship another shot early in 2015.

Robin and Ben were first linked together back in 2012 and engaged in January of 2014. The engagement was initially called off the following November reportedly because of their busy schedules. They were spotted walking hand-in-hand together in January of this year.

  • Robin told The Daily Telegraph back in February of 2014, "His proposal was such a shock. But we felt married anyway. We've been together ever since the first date."
  • She also discussed the relationship to Vanity Fair back in March saying, "Perhaps it's not ladylike, but I've never laughed more, read more or come more than with Ben. He inspires me to be the best of myself. There's so much to learn. It's endless. How great!"
  • Robin and Ben met in 2011 on the set of the movie Rampart.


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Emma Roberts and Evan Peters appear to have rekindled their relationship. Sources tell Us Weekly that they have decided to give it another go after calling off their engagement back in June.

Rumors started circulating about a possible reconciliation last week after they were seen dining together in West Hollywood. One insider said that they have apparently learned from their past mistakes and are trying to take things slow this time around.

  • A source said at the time of their split, "Their three years together just ran its course. They have so many great memories together but couldn't make it work in the end. The break-up was amicable -- there was no drama whatsoever. Emma and Evan are even still friends!"
  • They have been dating since 2012 and got engaged around Christmas of 2013.
  • Emma and Evan allegedly called off their engagement due to conflicting schedules.
  • Emma was arrested back in 2013 after getting into a physical altercation with Evan in a hotel room.


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The birth mother of Rosie O'Donnell's adopted daughter, Chelsea, is denying the comedian's claims that she has mental issues. Chelsea left Rosie's house last week on her 18th birthday to live with her birth mom, Deanna Micoley, in Wisconsin.

Deanna told Daily Mail, "Chelsea didn't want any more attention after everything with Rosie saying that she had a mental illness. There's nothing wrong with her. She's out with family right now and she's great." She added, "I would just shake my head at Rosie at this point. I don't think Chelsea has mental illness and I don't think medication is something that she definitely needs."

  • Chelsea was given up for adoption by Deanna back in 1997 when she was two months old. Deanna also spoke on the adoption saying, "My point of view is that I didn't give up my daughter for adoption. I was married to a guy, Lance, who was into the drug situation and he shot me up with heroin and had me sign away my rights. So I guess my name's on a piece of paper but I was not in my right mind to sign those papers. It took a long time for me to come to some understanding about it. You have your daughter for two months and then she's just ripped from you...It's hard. In Rosie's blogs she's written about Chelsea asking for her 'tummy mummy' when she was just four. I'm grateful that Rosie told her about me at least. It was a one-way street - I didn't know anything about her -- but she's always wanted me."
  • TMZ reported last week that Rosie has cut off Chelsea financially since she has moved out.
  • Chelsea recently made headlines after running away from Rosie's home for a week but was found at the New Jersey home of a 25-year-old man whom she met on Tinder. He was arrested for child endangerment.
  • Rosie's rep said at the time of Chelsea's disappearance, "Chelsea, like millions of people, lives with mental illness. It has been a difficult road for Chelsea and her family, and they just want her back safe."
  • Rosie also tweeted that Chelsea had gone off her meds prior to running away and wrote after she was found, "When someone u love is drowning in the rapids -- u throw everything u can into the water -- hoping they will grab on -- stay afloat #believe"


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Pamela Anderson may have had several high-profile relationships but she claims that Tommy Lee was her one true love.

She recently told People, "There was Tommy and then there was nobody else. He was the love of my life. We had a wild and crazy beginning that was too much for both of us. It really was love at first sight. I only knew him four days before I married him." Pam added, "I had beautiful children with him. My kids are grateful to be born out of true love. Everything else I was trying to piece together. We're good friends, we're getting better at co-parenting our kids. He's such a supporter of mine and I'm really happy we're on such great terms. There's a connection there that will always be."

  • Pam and Tommy were married from 1995 to 1998. They are parents to 19-year-old Brandon and 17-year-old Dylan.


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ROBIN WILLIAMS' WIDOW AND KIDS STILL FIGHTING OVER HIS POSSESSIONS: Robin Williams' widow is still gunning for many of his belongings that his children feel are rightfully theirs. An attorney for Susan Williams has asked a San Francisco judge to help resolve the argument over his bicycle collection, artwork, and books if an agreement can't be reached between the two sides. They have until September 9th to figure out who gets what even though Robin's children -- Zachary, Zelda, and Cody -- do not want to get the court involved.

SUBWAY DENIES KNOWLEDGE OF JARED FOGLE'S MISCONDUCT: Subway is denying the claims by a former franchise owner that they were made aware of Jared Fogle's sexual misconduct long before they recently came to light. Cindy Mills of Florida insists that she told a regional contact for the company Jared told her that he had paid for sex with minors during a visit to Thailand and then a second higher-up named Jeff Moody but her complaint was ignored. Subway has responded in a statement which reads, "Jeff served as the CEO of the Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, a separate franchisee-run organization that operated at a separate address and with a separate staff from Subway corporate. As previously stated, we have no record of Cindy Mill's complaint to Jeff Moody. We are continuing our investigation into this matter." Jeff is also claiming that he only learned of Jared's behavior this summer.

BROADWAY ACTOR KYLE JEAN-BAPTISTE DIES IN ACCIDENT: Broadway star Kyle Jean-Baptiste passed away on Friday (August 28th) after falling from his mother's fire escape. The 21-year-old made Broadway history when he became the youngest actor and first African American to play the role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. His last performance in the role was August 25th. Broadway World released a statement which read, "The entire LES MISERABLES family is shocked and devastated by the sudden and tragic loss of Kyle, a remarkable young talent and tremendous person who made magic -- and history -- in his Broadway debut. We send our deepest condolences to his family and ask that you respect their privacy in this unimaginably difficult time."

TWITTER REFUSES TO HELP JAMES WOOD IN HIS LAWSUIT: Twitter has refused to give up the real name of a user who goes by the handle "Abe List" after James Woods filed a $10 million lawsuit over a tweet calling him a cocaine addict. An attorney for the social media site explained their decision writing, "The speech at issue appears to be opinion and hyperbole rather than a statement of fact. Further, the target of the speech is a public figure who purposefully injects himself into public controversies, and there has been no showing of actual malice. Attempts to unmask anonymous online speakers in the absence of a prima facie defamation claim are improper and would chill the First Amendment rights of speakers who use Twitter's platform to express their thoughts and ideas instantly and publicly, without barriers." There is a hearing scheduled for October 2nd.

TILA TEQUILA KICKED OUT OF UK'S 'CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER' HOUSE: Former MySpace superstar Tila Tequila has been kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK after it was revealed to producers that she posted a pro-Hitler blog entry back in 2013. The 33-year-old has issued an apology and has asked for a second chance writing, "Back in 2013, I made a statement about Hitler not being a bad person and immediately realized soon after that I had made a terrible mistake that would ultimately come back to haunt me. During that time, I had been suffering from severe depression and drug addiction for many years prior to that. I also attempted to commit suicide in 2012 and overdosed on prescription pills. I wanted to die. I felt worthless and unloved as that pain continued to grow, causing me to further spiral out of control. Losing touch of myself, and reality. It was absolutely the lowest point I have ever reached in my life, and today I am truly sorry to everyone that I may have hurt along my self-destructive path. I have made many mistakes that I am definitely not proud about, but I am only a flawed human who is trying my best to be a better person than I was in the past. I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible, reckless, and selfish actions and I hope that everyone can forgive me for the pain that I may have caused. I want to be a good role model for my daughter because I don't want her to go through what I have had to endure. I hope that I will be given a second chance to make things right again. We all make mistakes in life, and I have unfortunately made many in the public eye." Tila goes on to write that she is 100% not a Nazi supporter. Her Big Brother housemates included Farrah Abraham, Daniel Baldwin, Janice Dickinson, Jenna Jameson, and more.


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NWA appears to be unstoppable. Straight Outta Compton was the number one movie at the box office for the third weekend in a row.

The F. Gary Gray film took in an additional $13.2 million. The weekend's numbers bring the film's domestic gross to $134.1 million. It is also the third Universal film this year to hold onto the top spot for three weekends in a row.

  • This was the lowest-grossing weekend of the year to date.
  • The faith-based film, War Room, took second place. An exec for Sony's AFFIRM Films said in a statement, "Sony Pictures' AFFIRM Films, along with our partner Provident Films, worked to bring the movie and its message and themes to pastors, ministry and other faith community leaders far ahead of the release to help spread the word, starting even before production begins. By opening up the story and characters to these leaders, we give them a sense of ownership that energizes them and help them plan out how they can use our movies as tools inside their own tool boxes."
  • The Owen Wilson drama, No Escape, debuted in fourth place.
  • Zac Efron's latest project, We Are Your Friends, was a major flop with only $1.8 million in 2,333 theaters. It is believed that the disappointing may have something to do with the fact that many college students have already gone back to school and they were the target audience.
  • Fantastic Four, Minions, and American Ultra dropped out of the top 10.

THIS WEEKEND'S TOP TEN MOVIES -- August 28 - August 30

1. Straight Outta Compton, $13.2M
2. War Room, $11M
3. Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation, $8.3M
4. No Escape, $8.29M
5. Sinister 2, $4.65M
6. Man From U.N.C.L.E, $4.4M
7. Hitman: Agent 47, $3.85M
8. The Gift, $3.13M
9. Jurassic World, $3.12M
10. Ant-Man, $3.05M


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Zendaya had some strong words for the social media troll who attacked her parents' appearance in one of her recent posts. The 18-year-old Disney star took to Twitter to defend her folks and praise them for devoting their lives to education.

She wrote, "First I'm gonna pray for you. While you're so concerned about what my parents look like, please know that these are two of the most selfless people in the world. They have chosen to spend their entire life, not worried about trivial things such as looks and insulting people's parents on Twitter, but instead became educators who have dedicated their lives to teaching, cultivating and filling young shallow mind. (One of the most important yet underpaid jobs we have). So please, log out, go to school, hug a teacher and read a textbook...and while you're at it, go look in the mirror and know that you too are beautiful, because such hateful things only stem from internal struggles. Bless you. - Me and my BEAUTIFUL family."


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